Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm Employed!

Today was a pretty weird day. It started off with the usual nerves about the dreaded job interview and of course me being overprepared gets to the parking lot an hour before I am supposed to be. I'm not that much of a loser though, this job is 60 miles from my house and I wanted to leave enough time for traffic. So I got there and I was like this is stupid, I'm gonna go drive around just for the hell of it...buuut the interview went really well and now I feel like I can relax! They called me like an hour after I got home and said they checked my references and I am all set to go, which was a huge surprise for me because they said they wouldn't contact me until friday! I said I'd think about it and call them back tomorrow but 95% chance I am gonna take it. It is a temporary map technician position for 4 months and doesn't pay very much, but it is in my field with opportunity for advancement. I am just going to have one monster commute!!!

The song I am uploading today is one I wrote a long while ago, in March 08. It starts kinda happy and carouselly but kind of descends into what reminds me of rather ominous or being lost in a dark house with candles and velvet....bleh I have no idea, paint your own picture.

Lost Mansion

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hey everyone

This blog will function as a way to get my latest midi recordings out to the world as well as personal rants and raves/how life is treating me. Basically a good solid way to get my internal to the external. Comments much appreciated!

This first song was written around Thanksgiving 08. I'm not sure what the inspiration was, but it reminds me of the whole fantasy theme, like wizards and magic and all that lame stuff. I guess a lot of my orchestrated midi files sound like movie soundtracks... Hope you enjoy it!

Movie Song