Sunday, April 11, 2010

Crazy Spring

So life has been full of uncertainties as of late, but it seems as if it has finally calmed down. I left my last job as a map tech because the job I had been waiting for since August finally came through, and it is much closer to home. However, I interviewed for a full-time map tech on my last day of work (how ironic) and to make a long story short didn't get it, so now I don't have any diabolical decisions to make, for better or for worse.

I enjoy my new job even if it just another sweatshop. The work is interesting and the people are fun, the training was great, and my schedule is going to be wild (4 pm - 1230 am). No more waking up to an alarm! Other than that I can't really say much about it as it is secret hehe.

My march madness picks were decent but Kansas fell out too early for me to contend with anyone. Even so, I happy about getting 2 of the final four right. I'm pumped about the NBA playoffs and I always fill out my own bracket for that. My Suns need to be in 2nd or 3rd to avoid the Lakers till the conference finals, but unfortunately with that loss to OKC a few days ago, I think they will end up in 5th or maybe 4th... Hopefully if thats the case they will play Denver and not Utah, as they have NOOO chance against Utah. Predictions now: Phoenix 4 Denver 2; or Utah 4 Phoenix 2. Utah is criminally underrated and the Nuggets haven't had the consistency as of late unlike the Suns who have seemed to gel at the perfect time.

I will post my bracket to this blog when the seedings are set in stone and I encourage you to post yours in the comments!

On another note, apparently speaking my mind bluntly doesn't go over well with everyone, lol what a surprise, and perhaps I should do it more tastefully in the future. I just get very fed up with emotionally charged statuses with or without silly questions on facebook from people (friends? acquaintances? strangers?) that are obviously emotionally deranged and bewildered. Most people just tell white lies but I tell it how it is. I guess you can lose "facebook friends" that way. Boo Hoo.

I went to NYC to see Opeth on wedensday with Christine and my brother. Great stuff indeed! It was Christine's first time in NYC and she was less than pleased with the amount of people everywhere. Funny tale, we were standing in line at Subway to get our dinner before the show, and in comes an old lady in a powered wheelchair. Sounds good right? Well my brother was first in line and ordered, hooray, good for him. I should state now the line was about 15 people long. Anyway its my turn to order and the lady has crept all the way next to me and is driving into my leg repeatedly in an obvious attempt to get in front of me! It is now that I notice she has an "I Love Jesus" shirt on, in a deceitful ploy to get what she wants. Now, this is where I wonder if I am a good or bad citizen. I proceeded to order, ignoring the fool and subsequently did Christine, and then whoever was behind her let this line cutter go next. I'm sorry, but this lady needed to understand that she cannot do this on a regular basis! Wait in line like everybody else! You don't see people with mental disorders cutting the line! And if you are going to cut the line, do it in a more polite manner please. I'm sure the majority would have let her go but the situation infuriated me, and she reminded me of the gypsys we frequently met in italy on the streets. She was taking advantage of her state of being and it did not go over well with me. Perhaps I did not act politely and do the right thing, but I have made it more than obvious as to why I didn't. What would you do?

The Opeth show itself was wonderful. They played two sets, the first being the Blackwater Park album in its entirety and the second one song from each album chronologically. They performed a few songs they never have before, and of course some staples. Advent was a great surprise!


Blackwater Park album

Forest of October
April Ethereal
The Moor
Hope Leaves
Harlequin Forest
The Lotus Eater

First show I had been to in a long time!

Bone Fragments is still at work, trying to write for the next one. Many (excuse the pun) fragments have been written, but a bit of writers block has been a problem, and even though the album is about half done I may scrap it all as I want it to be even better than the next. We shall see.

I guess that's all. Pretty soon I can start going to the beach on the weekend as the weather is surprisingly warm :O)