Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Big Picture (Part 1)

In this world where science and technology have taken enormous exponential progressive leaps with no signs of falter, it is no coincidence that religious faith has started to subside and/or weaken for those that are part of this advanced globalized society. In fact, it seems inevitable that we are coming very close to a point never seen before in history, where the debate of Catholic doctrine will actually truly reach an impasse, thereby causing either the destruction of religion as we know it, complete obliteration of the human race, or progression in a world of utmost certainty, the latter of which would defeat the purpose of religion, strip away the need for faith, and solidify human pride, finishing the evolution humans have so desired, to become gods of the earth.

That probably made little sense so I will try to explain. I believe the true evil is quantification of reality. By establishing our own exact parameters for human interaction and capabilities there will be no mysteries and no point to life as we know it. Life would become a giant excel spreadsheet of infinite characteristics all ranked with no regard for ethics. We are essentially enslaving and demeaning ourselves to machines, a "life" form created solely by man. Once emotions, ideas, and even thoughts can be quantified, we have lost. Essentially through the veils of success in life, pleasure in life, esteem from others, comfort, and (false) happiness, we are enslaved already to a point, creating a horror show for the current elite to master reality.

But why does it all have to be doom and gloom? Isn't technology wonderful and has made human life a much more enriching experience? For now, you could argue yes. But more and more we create more opportunities for enslavement not only to those that will gain control of the technology, but also to ourselves as we will have mathematically reached a crux where our humanity is lost and we truly become a faction of the laws of this earth, a place where the current progressive cycle ends, singularity begins, and faith becomes obsolete. If we continue to give in to the notion of paradise on earth, achieved only through quantifying human life, we continue to crack open the door to eugenic horrors and total enslavement mankind has only fathomed in science fiction.

Paradise on earth, paradise in time as we know it, should not exist even if one has no religious beliefs at all. Without our humanity we are nothing. When lying becomes impossible, when the need for interaction with others is unnecessary, when we have finally shut the door to what we perceive as suffering, only then can true suffering begin. I believe that inevitable paradigm shift is right around the corner, and we will have to fight to save our humanity. However, there is still hope, and despair is the greatest enemy.