Saturday, February 4, 2012

Principles to Aid Faith

1. Any thought, action, or ideology that has direct root in physical desire must be questioned, and thus if beyond natural existence or necessity, must be regarded with skepticism.

2. We are beacons of positive and negative energy with the capability of choice to emit either, and thus we have more responsibility of what we emit to the ether.

3. The Holy Ghost will never forsake the world.

4. Strive to defy roots of nature, whether it be chimp or bonobo.

5. We will never be nor should be expect to be perfect, but we must always strive and slay discouragement.

6. We must both embrace and defy nature according to love.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Big Picture (Part 2)

Let me be begin by declaring a caveat. My interpretations and insights from experiences I have encountered are just that; my own. Everyone is in a different mind-space when they encounter life and thus they take away their own perception of realities. One thing I have become aware of though, is sometimes one cannot comprehend certain mindsets; small-mind and big-mind do exist. This post contains a lot of "ifs" strung together as truths and thus will most likely come across as a paranoid schizophrenic nightmare, which it may (hopefully) is, but also remember once one has seen the big picture, he is generally regarded as insane and outcasted. Sometimes the truth hurts too much. Forgive the tone of megalomania; that is not how it is meant to come across. I am going to make a lot of references to certain ideas but omit specifics and then I encourage you to research these things yourselves if you feel so inclined. Maybe I will add some links throughout this at some point...

Where do we begin... I suppose the overarching theory here is that you and I are all being lied to. Everything you have ever known either is or may be somewhat of a lie, lies spun from the top of the pyramid. Let's jot down a quick truth that more or less has become trendy; You are not as important as you would like to think you are. The irony is that the people (including me) that tend to acknowledge this also tend to be the narcissists. But, this is how we have been trained; through the media, especially the television, the greatest tool of indoctrination ever invented. Our culture has been carefully shaped by the wealthiest of the wealthy who control the FED and the big banks, of which government has become submissive to. This is nothing new, in fact ever since before WWI the plan has started to take shape. By funding both sides of the wars these inconceivably rich cluster of families in the shadows continue to literally create the future, in part by establishing puppets but more in part by feeding off of the weaknesses of humans, such as the 7 deadly sins (greed, lust, pride, etc.) and using them to their advantage, so that we will continue to battle each other instead of seeking out the real solutions. Now, by indoctrinating the first world countries with a multitude of ideas, such as nothing but positive rhetoric on globalization, incredible encouragement of technology, and a culture of unnatural violence, while at the same time raising the standards of living to shield us from seeing the eventual consequences of such comfortable indifferent existence, one that lacks soul and actual living. Reality has become much easier to escape, individual courage and conviction of values and principles fall, and the weight of cynicism smothers any remaining spirit. It is no surprise that mental disorders are on the rise, even in an era of luxury never known to mass society in 99% of human history. Learning how to play the game and the "bigger is better" attitude was throttled into the Americans under Reagan, an often praised president, when in reality was a giant puppet, a former movie star that could relate messages to the average American because of his suave delivery and persona. Since he was so easy to utilize, the lurkers in the shadows took this opportunity to truly get their plan in action, one that throughout the glory years of the 90s was rarely thought of by the public to have limitation. Now, after financial collapse and a sloth-like recovery, slowly, people (albeit not nearly enough) are awaking from this 30 year slumber to enjoy a more realistic life. Forced to lower living standards for themselves, since they thought "it can't happen here" (oh yea Frank Zappa knew) true values like perseverance and faith are being dusted off, but not without a lot of resistance from a slightly confused and shocked vacuum with major blockage in its pipes.

Fascism, one of those crazy myths from some lame history book I read once could never happen again, right? The world would never let something so terrible occur.... Wrong. The police state is officially here with the passage of the NDAA, signed on New Year's Eve when no one was paying attention. What is truly traumatizing is that many Americans have no idea what language this act entails. Let me paraphrase for you from the section titled "The Homeland Battlefield Bill"; indefinite detention of US citizens in military camps for possible terrorist involvement, the definition of which will continue to be broadened over the months and years. Even worse that a democrat signed this into office, as there surely would have been outrage amongst the left if our old friend on the right had tried something of this magnitude. The Bill of Rights? What's that? Oh yea, most of it has been destroyed. What once would have been amusing and incredible now strangely stops me cold. Repeated references in the media to the occupy protestors as domestic terrorists should not be taken lightly by anyone. The priorities of those in charge of our police force are directly ordered down the pyramid. By allowing 9/11 to occur, the elites sold the Americans to a "war on fear" a war that can never be won as fear is a feeling, not an actual opponent. And when faced with fear, with no actual life skills and total reliance on the infrastructure, we are the easiest sheep to herd perhaps again, in 99% of human history. With many government whistleblowers facing immense persecution, their stories cannot be taken with a grain of salt. Since 9/11 worked so well, it would be no surprise if this tactic was repeated, again, in a controlled manner. Now with police in full-riot gear to battle unarmed peaceful protestors, with the use of tactical military-grade weapons, and now even local police forces accepting drones for their own use, rest assured your privacy and humanity will continue to be mechanized and controlled, subjected without your will. In addition, the Department of Homeland Security has begun monitoring heavily many popular websites such as Facebook, twitter, nytimes, hulu, huffington post, wikileaks, etc. Why is this necessary again? If there ever was a time for Orwell's dystopian vision in 1984 to be taken seriously, now is the time before it becomes too late. Once the world slowly becomes accustomed to drones leading the siege, we officially hand ourselves over to the military-industrial complex. Like the return of fascism sounding like a fairy tale, air-borne bird-flu sprayed over us from drones like pesticides over a crop of corn becomes an idea more than "just the crazy man in the corner shouting."

On the topic of religion, I believe our faiths will be tested in the coming years, not only due to the advancement of scientific knowledge, but due to severe catastrophe. Be aware of who funded what and in what fields and how it is being used. In the grand scheme, think about how citizens of developed nations continue to find procreating a burden and an afterthought. Be aware of how our sexuality has been corrupted and if we follow the current path what the next generation will be indoctrinated into. Although we believe we can create paradise on earth, that is the ultimate lie we have been sold. Even those in constant states of pleasure will never be fulfilled in their soul. And the likelihood of you being one of the partakers of the best results of this "paradise on earth" is beyond slim. As enslaved as we are as it is by partaking in society, (as humans constantly strive for social companionship), we continue to unconsciously be creating an even greater slavery for ourselves. If you have student debt you are already an indentured servant. The occupy movement desires a lack of hierarchy, almost anarchy, an egalitarian society in small groups where marriage does not exist but the tribe does. (Look at how sports are small tribes as well as just an outlet for hormones, and sports fans just want to be part of a victorious tribe... sports are just another true distraction from the big picture). I attribute original sin to the rise of agriculture as this knowledge led to the idea of property, and subsequently money. Ultimately, lack of hierarchy is a good thing, as I am completely against vertical hierarchy in almost any form, however I can understand at least the Vatican teaches timeless virtues to strive for (not saying I am thrilled with the Vatican either). But ultimate equality and unconditional love are the goals, and they are achievable, although the results will not be shared on this earth. Until we all realize we really are brothers and sisters and break down all the barriers between us, until we realize there are some things ultimately beyond our perception and that time-space is as malleable as silly putty, we will not be on the road to Heaven. So wear a good face, suffer in silence, and do not despair. Without sounding self-righteous, by practicing selflessness we can set an example, inspire faith in others, overcome the true issues of human desire, and through the narrow path, the order from chaos, we can escape the road to ruin.

Now that you think I'm nuts, are in a frenzy, or most likely don't care much, I will say there is so much more to delve into at another time...but for now, believe me it is going to be an interesting year...